About Me

Hola, my full name is Nelson José Méndez Rivera, I was born in San Cristóbal, Táchira, Venezuela. In 2010, I came to Canada as a permanent resident and started the PhD in Hispanic Linguistics at the University of Ottawa, Canada.  

For my dissertation I am working on Wayuu Spanish under the direction of professors Juana Liceras and Elena Valenzuela

My interests in languages studies are focused on: second languague acquisition, language contactvariationist sociolinguisticsmorphologysyntax and Spanish as a foreign language teaching. 

Also, just to have some variation in my life, I like learning foreign languages. Although, I have to confess that the end-state grammars of the languages that I have learnt so far are not that good, which I guess is not that bad at the end, since this gives support to Bley-Vroman's arguments about the logical problem of foreign language learning